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Since us V3 users are waiting for a new version of FactorLib, I thought I'd upload some of the tools that I use to keep track of my presets.

Attached is a zip file containing both a Microsoft Excel '97 format workbook with 3 sheets, one for each of the Factor pedals. Each sheet contains columns for each knob as well as tempo, name, output level, and preset location. I've included another row to enter heel/toe values for the optional expression pedal. I've also included a 3rd row for comments/notes. There is enough space to fit 14 presets on a page.

In case you can't read MS Excel files, I've also included an Adobe PDF version of this file. Both files are otherwise identical.

What I do when programming new presets is print a page of each and write down values as I go. When I'm done, I take those values back to my computer and enter them into the workbook. That way, I've got a written record and an electronic copy. I'm thinking I'll still do this after Eventide releases a new FactorLib, just in case… (you can never have too many backups, right?).

Anyway, I hope someone else can find this useful… it has been for me.