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I have now auditioned both the Tech21 Midi Mouse and the Rocktron Midi Xchange. Both are small, rugged, 3-button MIDI footcontrollers that have phantom power capability and that work out-of-the-box with the Timefactor.

The midi mouse is gorgeous and at only half the size of the midi Xchange it can fit almost anywhere on my pedal board. It's super bright 3-character red LED is easy to see plus it's 3-button operation is whisper quiet.  If you're style of playing simply requires stepping up or down through sequentially arranged program changes, this footcontroller is for you as it does that incredibly well. However, it's small form factor size comes at a cost in that the effective distance between its buttons is 1-3/4" (as measured parallel to the front of the unit) resulting in too many unintended button pushes during a jam session. Also I find it's active/search button functionality to be unintuitive also resulting in unintended button pushes. Additionally it's fast scrolling feature is much too fast for me to be able to stop any closer than within 3 or 4 numbers of the desired program change. I end up fiddling with the up and down buttons instead of playing my part.

The midi Xchange offers nearly flawless simple bank and select functionality and its ability to toggle back and forth between the last two used presets is brilliant! If your playing style requires jumping around non-sequentially arranged program changes, this footcontroller is for you as it does that incredibly well. On the other hand it looks as though it fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, it's gargantuan size prevents it from easily fitting into my pedal layout, and the snap of its buttons produces an audible click that can clearly be heard at moderate playing volumes.

For my style of on-the-fly improvisation, the Midi Xchange is the better of the two.