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I have a ModFactor and a TimeFactor, both bought brand new and in the early days of their initial release. Neither has done more than a couple of gigs but I have made many YouTube demos with them (to your advantage I would hope) and both are now unreliable to the point where I wouldn't even consider taking them on stage – because of the dodgy DC input issue. The TimeFactor is the worse offended, continually powering off and resetting, but the ModFactor is fast approaching the same depth of unreliability. 

So my question to you is: Are you able to issue to your local and international service agents – in a hurry – some metal replacement DC input jacks that can be retrofitted without too much fuss to make my units (and many others, I'm sure) usable again? Or, could you post a mod and component advice for those with the ability (and willingness to take the risk) to do it themselves?


Brett Kingman