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Eventide Staff

It sounds like you issues are bigger than this forum. With all the equipment you have, you probably need specialist help to set it up properly.

But, as regards the H8000, if the DIN3/4 and ADAT are connected and not showing locked you have to fix this if you want to use them. The unlocked warning is a sign that something is wrong (bad cable, settings somewhere) – you can't just change it.

You should probably use WordClock to lock all the parts together, and make sure that the H8000's clock source is set to Wordclock . The Wordclock input may also have to be enabled. See the UM for information on this.

Also, Worclock should not be looped through – it should come from one place and be connected to all equipment directly. Something like an Apogee Big Ben is often used for this purpose.

Can't really offer much help here – you need someone who knows what they are doing to set up your system properly.