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Ok after some time persevering with the better operation i was experiencing the unit again deteriorated into the same randomizing of parameters i was experiencing when i first turned it on and became completely unusable at a gig on new years eve. It is in the box to be returned tomorrow for a replacement from the dealer. I really dont think the issue was related to the power input in my case it never felt loose or unstable and i used a couple of different supplies with the same results.It was definitely internal and i hope my new unit will be ok when it arrives as when it was working i was really enjoying all the modfactor had to offer.

On an unrelated not to Brett who posted earlier, i am a huge fan of your videos. Keep up the good work man im always advising my friends here in Ireland to check out your vids! Nick you guys should definitely be sending this guy free gear his demos were absolutely one of the reasons i went on to buy my modfactor and will be buying a timefactor this week also and im sure im not the only one.