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I think we're getting there … a problem is your MIDI Map settings. Although, this does not explain no activity. Make sure your MAX BANK value is set high enough.

You DO have to have a MIDI Map setting for each preset at each end, sorry. These determine what MIDI Program Change message is sent  when you load a TF preset, and which MF preset is loaded for a corresponding received MIDI Program Change message. See the UM for more information. The other settings you list look good.

You can probably make things easier by keeping the default TF TX MAP settings. Then the TF will send Program Change #0 for 1:1, #1 for 1:2, etc. Then setup the MF RX map to load the right presets to correspond.

If you did not have these maps, you could only load MF 1:1 for TF 1:1, etc.