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Well, since I AM a computer guy and can deal with my own problems, just sell (give?) it to me. 🙂  Since I work in this space, I've learned a thing or two about patience dealing with machines.

I'm a virtualization guy and my first thought is always to detach software from hardware when thinking about systems.  It's just how my mind works.  Someone tells me they are having a server problem and I have to get them to define what they mean by server, then what they mean by problem. Server?  You mean the HP hardware, or you mean the Hypervisor running on the HP hardware?  Or do you mean the Virtual Machine which is running Windows, running on the hypervisor running on the HP hardware, or do you mean the Application services running on the Virtual machine running windows running on the ….   You get the idea.

Eventide, just think, you guys could be the first on the planet to incorporate Virtualization into your stompboxes.  Work with VMware and create a hypervisor for your pedals, then allow simultaneous access to any pedal from your physical hardware.  Imagine Buying an Eventide virtualization pedal and being able to hook it up to your computer and load the code from all of the stompboxes, turn them on or off independantly, and run them all at the same time.  You could define the signal path from one virtual stompbox to the other and assign where ins and outs connect to physical resources on the pedal. Next thing you know other major players will get involved by offering the code for their digital products as virtual machines to run on the Eventide HV stompbox.  Its happening in the server infrastructure sector, why can't it happen for the music sector? 

I like the idea of choosing the pedal I want to run, but that would require a new version of the pedal with more resources.