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      Hey Eventide!  I noticed that my Pitchfactor serial number was a sticker covering another serial number underneath.   That serial number wasn't a PF-##### but rather a TF-#####, since it's clear that the Chassis, In's and outs and processing capabilites are all the same per the three stomboxes, I wondered if you've given any thought to the possibility of offering Other stompbox operating systems as a download for a fraction of the cost of a FPP so that I can convert my PF into a TF or a MF at will.  So, I buy a PF for $500, then I buy the OS for TF for $100 and I can load it and switch back and forth at will giving me more options.  I don't think it will hurt the business of selling more than one pedal as I suspect that many users will want to run multiple pedals simultaneously anyway, but this could actually increase physical pedal sales as customers would initially go this route, then see that they need more than one pedal available on their pedal boards… you get where I'm going with this…


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Ed

      Worth some thought, but I think the slowness of the update process would discourage many people. It would work if we had the storage space on the unit for multiple sets of software so you could change at will, but not so at present .

      And, we'd have even more computer problems….

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      That would be the coolest of all ideas that have ever been posted on this forum!!!!!!!!

      i'd buy the other 2 factor pedals the day they are available..

      i know this would be hard to do, but still… i'm just posting it so eventide staff see more than one people like that idea!


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      I, too, think this is a really good idea. I think it would ultimately sell more pedals and I don't think it would discourage GAS-afflicted gearheads like me from buying all three pedals (and then some). Nick's right, some people would probably be put off by how long it would take to load, but if they really wanted it, I doubt this would stop them.

      And yeah… probably lots more computer problems. I'm sure I speak for Ed and many others… we feel your pain.

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      Well, since I AM a computer guy and can deal with my own problems, just sell (give?) it to me. 🙂  Since I work in this space, I've learned a thing or two about patience dealing with machines.

      I'm a virtualization guy and my first thought is always to detach software from hardware when thinking about systems.  It's just how my mind works.  Someone tells me they are having a server problem and I have to get them to define what they mean by server, then what they mean by problem. Server?  You mean the HP hardware, or you mean the Hypervisor running on the HP hardware?  Or do you mean the Virtual Machine which is running Windows, running on the hypervisor running on the HP hardware, or do you mean the Application services running on the Virtual machine running windows running on the ….   You get the idea.

      Eventide, just think, you guys could be the first on the planet to incorporate Virtualization into your stompboxes.  Work with VMware and create a hypervisor for your pedals, then allow simultaneous access to any pedal from your physical hardware.  Imagine Buying an Eventide virtualization pedal and being able to hook it up to your computer and load the code from all of the stompboxes, turn them on or off independantly, and run them all at the same time.  You could define the signal path from one virtual stompbox to the other and assign where ins and outs connect to physical resources on the pedal. Next thing you know other major players will get involved by offering the code for their digital products as virtual machines to run on the Eventide HV stompbox.  Its happening in the server infrastructure sector, why can't it happen for the music sector? 

      I like the idea of choosing the pedal I want to run, but that would require a new version of the pedal with more resources.

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      I like the idea of this.  Even taking it a little further and having a new Multi version of the Factor pedals where you the user can select the best of the TF, MF and PF and run these effects on the one unit.  Also would be nice to run about 2 or 3 of these effects simultaneously, select the order of the effects and have an effects loop in there to insert external stuff.Smile

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      the attractivity of this idea is such that it has not left my head in the past few days … 🙂 i don't care if it it updates slowly, i could try the other factor pedals and change them depending of the type of gig i'll do..

      and that only would make me want to buy the other ones more as they become an essential part of my sound :p

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      add4,  That was my business case exactly.  Excluding all the far out there things that would require a rebuild of hardware, The ability to load TF OS on a PF pedal is quite possibly already there from what I can tell.  and again, I would think it would increase in likelyhood of someone buying additional pedals as they get used to running them.  It's kind of a, "Well, now that you've invested in a new factor pedal, try these other versions of the same pedal for a fraction of the cost." Kind of like getting a free sample of what running more than one pedal would be like.  Or for my perspective, I might now want to drop another $350.00 on another pedal that would take up so much roon on my pedalboard.

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