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Well – I've tried everything you suggested, read the manual thoroughly, and just spent hours getting everything set up correctly – still NO response from the controller to the slave whatsoever!!!  I even bought a new MIDI cable (Monster), but I'm starting to think that it's the MIDI cable connection – it's VERY loose fitting & I have to pretty much tape the cable ends to the chassis to secure them.  My MIDI maps are now correct, but nothing seems to transmit from one pedal to the other, even if I switch pedals & settings (MF controlling TF instead).  Any suggestions?  Can I bring them to NAMM & have you take a stab at it?  I'm at a loss right now – frustrating!  (Don't get me wrong – they are the BEST pedals I've ever owned & are keepers for my rig, I just WISH I could control one (or 2) with another.