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Sadly, I don't get to go to NAMM, I have to stay here in the frozen North-East. But, some of our designers will be there and will be happy to talk to you.

I would suggest that you do not bring equipment, as there are all sorts of security issues involved.

It's just possible that we may have a few of our pedals at the booth.

Back to your original problem – it would be helpful to test the hardware to make sure there is nothing wrong with it. Taking one pedal at a time, connect your MIDI cable from input to output. Then power up the unit with the left switch held down, until you see "TEST 1.x", or similar. Release the switch, and turn the encoder slowly until you see "31 MIDI PORT" scrolling. Press the encoder. You will see "P1E0T0", or similar. The number after P will increase. If the numbers after T or E are other than 0, you have a fault. If you appear to have a fault on both units, it's probably the cable.

Note – follow these instructions carefully – you can damage the unit if you get experimental.