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Yikes. Reading back my posts and seeing my grammar is a little off.

Here's a recap:

* VERY difficult near impossible to view current delay time and then edit increments by 1ms with ease. Ultimately, one would be using the encoder knob with direct streamlined access. Currently, this option is not available

* To date, most guys are checking their delay time by touching the delay time knob which in most cases jumps 20-50ms from where they have been editing. Not ideal when you are in the zone and ironing out a specific delay time and/or want to export backups

* Rethink the use of quick/immediate access to the encoder fine tune knob and/or button that shows you your current delay time (edited also) and won't change unless you engage the encoder knob. It's all about the current VIEW ability.

* The CATCHUP function IS being doubled as a "Show me where I'm at" function since there is no ther way to "Show me where I'm at" with the current wire-frame of the pedal. This is definetly not a bonus but a critical part of editing delay. Please rethink this philosophy.

* Revenue: Eventide has the ability to corner the delay pedal market with increased revenue and market share by showcasing this edit for granular delay editor guitarists. A large selling point for digital musicians/recording and songwriters where time is an asset not a privilege

I added that last point in since I'm in work mode sorry 🙂

Let's make it happen, Eventide…