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"How about what I suggested that when turning the Delay Time knob it would show you what the current mS is then being able to adjust it RIGHT AWAY with the Encoder knob? And then again with the Delay Time knob if you suddenly decide to adjust in large increments and back and forth with the Encoder again for small increments?"

That's how it is now. We're trying to get away from that since it won't lock when you touch the delay time knob and you're only resort is the CATCHUP function being enabled which barely locks the Delay Time (and feedback) when you're editing. Supposedly that's a bonus feature and not the intended purpose. Regardless, a hard coded VIEW feature needs to happen with these updates (since I'm not alone with this request/frustration) which then leads to an EDIT by ms feature with the encoder knob. We got the edit feature down with the encoder knob, it's just getting to that point is the communal struggle. Big struggle.