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Zikamuricpe, I think you are actually talking about the same thing. The delay Nick is talking about occurs between the first and second touch.

I think Nick's trying to explain that the knob, an analog device, is sending its settings to a digital device, the DSP in the pedal. In analog, there are an infinite number of points between point "A" and point "B". In digital, the knob's position is exactly measured about a million times a second (guessing on exact DSP clock speed). So, unless you can "first touch" the knob in less time than one clock cycle (about 1/1000000th of a second), the DSP will register multiple positions. Physically, this is impossible to do, so the DSP will always register multiple touches. This is why a delay would need to be programmed in, so the DSP can distiguish between the first and second touch.

I know this isn't the best explanation in the world, but… Analog (the knob) is infinite and digital (the pedal) is finitely precise. There will always be issues when the two interact because you cannot finitely define infinity.