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any fix for this?  I have the same issue.  All my tape echo saturation levels won't save right.

If I set it to 0 then save it, it works untill I bank up or down then if I come back to it the saturation is usually the opposite level and crazy distorted.  it does however display the correct parameter, but the sound is way off.

So if I save it with a value of  0 and save the preset.  I come back to it and the value sounds more like10 even though it displays 0.  If i cycle the xnob all the way up to 10 and then back to 0 it works .You can save it, but soon as you bank up or down it is gone.  anyfix or ideas?

Exactly what happens to me as well as I've described above. It will give you the opposite setting when you save it.

Set and save it to 0 you get 10, 1 you get 9, 2 you get 8, 3 you get 7, 4 you get 6.

Set and save it to 10 you get 0, 9 you get 1, 8 you get 2, 7 you get 3, 6 you get 4.