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Got my Pitchfactor yesterday…went thru the manual and got the hang of the banks and presets…If I hadn't been into electronic gadgets prior to this it would have been a bit daunting..to say the least..lol.  I heard some great sounds..but it's not quite what I expected.  Some of the sounds I can't see where I would use them right now.  Can't wait til the weekend when I will have time to really get into it and see what's under the hood.  I ran it straight in a Line 6 SpiderValve 212..and on some of the higher gain settings it didn't sound to good..In general do fellow users find it works better in fron or thru the effects loop?  Really don't want the fx loop as I plan to add this to my pedalboard..again that was my initial impression and I am hoping that will change…