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To be clear though, you auditioned it in a way that you could actively scroll through sounds without having to switch banks.  1:1 –> 1:2 –> 2:1, etc by just pressing the right button on the midi mouse?



furthermore, do you know of any of the pedel controllers out there such as the musicom mkIII or the voodlab ground control or the gig rig that would be able to accomplish the same idea accept that with each preset on the controller it would change presets on the eventide?  eg, preset 1 on the controller selects 3:1 on my Time FActor and 6:2 on my Pitch factor.  preset 2 on my controller selects 12:2 on my time factor and 4:1 on my Pitch Factor.  and so on….

I haven't tried any of those other controllers. The voodoo Lab ground control Pro seems like it does have that capability, but you are limited to the number of presets available by the number of buttons in a bank. To access more presets, you will have to change banks.