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@ znagle22 : Thank You very much for your setting.

tried it last night night and it sounds realy good, but I don't use no
more than 10 for feedback A and 5 for feednack B. With a Telecaster (Mex
std with Texas Special pickups) plugged in my Mark IV (I can provide
the settings of the Mark IV if you want), I had a very close sound to
Timmons on Electric Gipsy. It's so amazing to get this sound.

worked a lot on Purple Rain Chorusing delay but regretfully, I don't
now how to find the previous settings when the preset is edited. I would
like to share it, but I cannot find it. It's based upon the 5:1 bank
from the latest beta update. I use the delay A as a Chorus and the B as a

Off topic :Could anyone tell me how to post an avatar? Man thanks in advance.