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Hi Three fingers,

I dont know if this helps or not. I havent had time to try it out at 96khz yet either, but if preset number 3910 is called Drum-O-Tronic which it is on my H8000FW, then at 48khz I can hear no noise at all. However this is via the ADAT I/O. I tried it out a bit earlier after remembering this thread. I will try to run it again via analog I/O and will set that to 96khz as well to check it out when I can. In the meantime I hope you manage to resolve it. Maybe try connecting it to something else just to see if that changes anything. I also have a Massive Passive that I can try to hook up one of my analog synths via and then into the Eventide to see if I can replicate it. Will let you know.