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ah finally Eventide is listening!!! htis is actually one of the reasons i bought the TF to be able to sync its looper to my adrenalinn as well but was really dissapointed when i found out it didnt.I posted this very problem a couple of years back but didnt see any reactions from eventide.

Yo cannot imagine how many people are looking for a compact looper that will do this,most stomp loopers dont have midi sync which is ashame.The only one is indeed the EH, the boss RC-50 does it but is big, Echoplex does this at best but is rack mount and it requires a midi foot controller.

It would be awesome if the TF also sent a start stop comand to a drum machine,i mean this is expected of a midi device with a looper,if not whats the point really!

Ill be jumping of joy fi this every becomes reality! just imagine having in a pedalboard the TF with the adrenalinn all compact!