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And admittedly I'm not figuring in the markup from factory price to suggested retail, which almost never becomes the actual end price.

I guess I need to make clear that I am in no way suggesting people make a living with DIY. I could care less about the money end. I do it for the fun and the personal savings, and that's it.

It's funny, whenever I talk to people about DIY who make electronics for a living, they get all upset. Like when I was talking to Mr. Cusak of Cusak Effects at the local music store. (I've known him for years by the way. I don't just go up to pedal manufacturers and harass them.) I was looking at an aux switch for $45 and told him I could make one for $10. He gave me this lecture about how doing it myself might save me some cash but hurts the economy, blah blah blah…

I'm just saying with all the overhead going from manufacturer to retailer to consumer, and everyone in that chain wanting a piece of the $$$, a person such as myself with a brain, a soldering iron, not a lot of money and some determination is much better off building it themselves… because you're right, people should only do it if it's fun. I think a lot of people would find it fun if they gave it a try.

By the way, on a side note, you to make some great stuff. I look forward to hearing more about your new pedal switchers, particularly the 8 loop model. I tried making a midi controlled relay switcher once using my trusty Arduino microprocessor, but ran into snags in the programming. I look forward to trying yours out.