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Since the Space is almost here, I wanted to upload new versions of the templates I created for manually backing up your presets. This time, there are 4 pages, one for each of the Factors including Space.

And again, as before, I hope that someone else can find them useful… Also as before, please note that these do not contain any settings, instead they are blank templates for you to fill in with your settings.


Attached is a zip file containing both a Microsoft Excel '97 format workbook
with 3 sheets, one for each of the Factor pedals. Each sheet contains columns
for each knob as well as tempo, name, output level, and preset location. I've
included another row to enter heel/toe values for the optional expression pedal.
I've also included a 3rd row for comments/notes. There is enough space to fit 14
presets on a page.

In case you can't read MS Excel files, I've also
included an Adobe PDF version of this file. Both files are otherwise