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Come to think of it.  If it's a hardware limitation that would prevent the Pitchfactor from having a 4 voice chromatic setting, that's understandable and I'm sure in a few years technology will catch up and somebody will come out with a compact device to do it.  However if the Pitchfactor is physically capable of such processing (which I believe to be the case since it already comes with a 4 voice setting) than Eventide's reluctance to include such a setting is likely a matter of price point so that consumers are driven to pay the higher price* of a rack mount unit only to use a few of their options.  Perhaps you might consider offering paid upgrades for certain high end features and customizable options.  That way you can generate capital and consumers can get the few features they need without having to buy the whole kitchen sink.  As you say "obsolescence is so 20th century."

Thanks for listening!

*As stated earlier, spiting my signal and using 2 Pitchfactors would produce 4 chromatic voices at half the price and with a smaller footprint than the Eclipse although it would potentially be more of a hassle to sync up.