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57 minutes of live ambient guitar??Surprise respect!

cool, just listening to it now…good stuff

Space is really an ambient players dream unit.

Thanks! 🙂

(actually, this set was a little shorter than usual for me… LOL)

Indeed, Space is simply an incredible tool for atmospheric textures – and there's so much flexibility available in there under the hood to really come up with some unique sounds.

What I also really love about it is how well it stacks with other effects, both before and after! I had my Pitchfactor back behind it in the effects chain and it's amazing the types of hybrid, complex tones and textures you can get that way.

During this particular set I had Space immediately after my Boss DD-20, which I use as my main stereo looper (23 stereo seconds of delay makes for some nice Fripp-esque looping that slowly changes over time as it fades).

But I wanna try experimenting next with reversing that order, so the DD-20 takes the "completed" tone coming out of Space and then loops that…that way I can change the presets on Space and add new different sounding layers into the loop, rather than having the sound of the loop itself change drastically each time I change the preset on Space itself.

(Of course, another solution would be to have TWO Space units, one each before and after the looper… LOL)