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We apologize and certainly meant no disrespect.

As to whether there should or shouldn't be a click I can only say that the bypass circuitry for the Factors and for Space is identical. When any of these units are set for Relay bypass, upon bypass, the input jacks are directly connected to the output jacks through the relay. It becomes a hardwired connection. The relays themselves make a clicking sound as the contacts engage. Of course, the footswitch also makes a click. So if you are using the footswitch to bypass, and you listen closely, you will hear the relay's click in addition to the footswitch. Of course, I'm describing the sound coming from the box as opposed to the audio signal.

As to the audio signal, the switching of the relay contacts will introduce a click on the audio signal. This can be very faint or not depending on how things are connected. What I mean is that, the Factors and Space are biased at zero volts DC. So, when they are Active and with no signal at the input, the output sits at zero volts DC. If the input of the pedal comes from a source that has a DC component when the relay bypasses that non-zero DC component will instantly 'click' in and, depending on the amount of DC and the gain of the amp following the pedal, the resulting audio click could be quite pronounced.

I'd be curious to learn whether your original Space had a problem. Every pedal that we ship is individually tested for audio performance. We do toggle the relay as part of final test. Hopefully the NY store will return the pedal to us with a trouble report.

Finally, I must stand in defense of Nick Rose. Eventide support is, by and large, handled by our developers not by sales or marketing types. I admit that over the years, from time to time, this tradition has gotten us into trouble but I wouldn't have it any other way.