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I am sure that your Staff Member didn't mean to be disrespectful, but that wasn't the kind of answer I was looking for. Believe me you get a little anxious when you spend $500 and it turns out that the unit is not totally okWink If the relay mechanism is a mechanical hardwiring it should click, and that one wasn't. That's why my question was whether or not the relay should do that click as my two other boxes would do that too. As I said i already traded mine with another one which has a smaller serial # by one number, I prefer not to mention the name of the NYC store where I bought it, and don't know what they will do with that unit. All my boxes are registered with the Eventide website so you can see where I bought them and serial #s. Anyway I am in love with these boxes, I wish you guys would find a definitive solutions for the power supply, I am not going to buy a CIOK dc and spending $200, why don't you guys come out with somethingBig Smile? I am carrying around a multiple strip and 3 of your wall adaptors for the total weight of 1.65 kilos (3.3lbs). Thanks for your detailed reply.