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Davide Schachter:

we were both SHOCKED by the lack of professionalism and how disrespectful this reply is.

I am SHOCKED by the complete lack of chill-the-frick-out-dude.

First of all, the guys at Eventide are WAY awesome for taking the time to chat with their customers on a REGULAR basis. I for one am glad for and prefer the laid back nature of the Eventide Staffers, and I'd bet money on the fact that most people here agree with me.

I have two Factor pedals as well, and they both click slightly when the relays activate. So do my true-bypass analog stompboxes, and so does my pickup selector in my guitar. I even work for a guy who manufactures effects pedals, and they click a little too. Why? Because all of these devices are physical, mechanical switches that break or connect an analog audio signal. Some relays click more than others, but they all click. This is not a flaw, but a matter of preference. If you don't like the click, go to DSP mode. 

To Eventide, keep up the good work, guys. Thanks for all your help.