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I agree with rabiddiabetic13, too. Although I've thought a lot about this thread since it first appeared, I'm really just at a loss for words. This whole thing has just been atypical (thankfully) and not really one of our most shining moments.

Did Davide over-react? Probably a little, but as rabid said, it's understandable. These pedals are not inexpensive. Was Nick's answer meant to dismiss or offend? Seriously doubt it… I'm sure he's got a lot more important things to do than think of ways to insult customers. The dialog between AAgnello and Davide seems to have resolved the original issue. Did we as forum members over-react, too? Probably.

So what have we really learned here? We're all guilty of over-reacting sometimes, it's just human nature. I think we're missing the most obvious thing, though… instead of trying to figure out who to blame, we should all be writing poetry about Space. Think about how many painful poems we could come up with… Space Ace gracefully replaced his Versace bass case… I could go on, but really… I'd rather be spending my time making music and putting the new V3b16 release through its paces, or tracing a vase with lace on my face, or having a race with mace… (oh, NO, I can't STOP!!!) Hmm

I really need to get a life… Embarrassed