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Hey Tim,

Yeah that's what im using and defiantly hands down the best set up ive had. Its just like having a rack set up but all your pedals on the board. Probably the only thing you cant do with it is set one of the switches to be a tap tempo but you dont need to because you factor pedals are in front of you and you can keep them in play mode because the the switcher is changing the presets 🙂 Also if you have a bad lead you dont have to stick your head in the back of a rack to try and replace it. Its really easy to program and edit presets quickly and you can also set it to manual mode to use the preset buttons like instant access buttons. Hope that helps.

Before that i was using an Axess Electronics FX1 with all my pedals in a 6u Rack. Not ideal for working around town and most touring budgets!! Dont get me wrong it was a great set up but now i can do the exact thing all on one board.