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I would assume that you'd need to upgrade V3b1 with V3b16, but that may or may not be the case.

I'm concerned that upgrading to V3 (16) will wipe out all the work I've so carefully done (and been unable to backup w/o Librarian).  One would hope that, if it works, it will work with 3.  If not, it seems like those of us who continued to work in anticipation of a working librarian would be screwed, right?  No way to backup 3 presets an, if you install 3 (16), your presets are history.  I know there are other ways (Sysex) to backup but these won't easily help me restore all my hard work. 

PLEASE EVENTIDE:  Can you shed some light on the situation?  Do we have a working librarian or not?  Is it compatible w/ 3.0 or must you upgrade to 3.16?