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I am a guitarist and Factors are stomp boxes made for guitarists. For me, the best way to "understand" a preset is to actually see the knob positions – like we guitarists do with our tube amps and other analog gear. Since that is not possible with Factors for obvious reasons, I think a graphical software editor would be a nice solution. Nothing fancy – a simple three-digit window for each knob would do the job! I would appreciate that much much more than the abillity to use FactorLib for backup. Because I already have a MIDI dump for that!

I understand that new version of FactorLib is NOT released yet. Fine. Eventide, take your time – but please don't give us just a version of FactorLib that is compatible with v3 software. Please provide us a great new librarian/editor which will be a huge step forward in exploring the endless possibilities of your amazing pedals.