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Let me clarify a litte… first, I wasn't meaning to be short, so I hope I haven't ruffled any feathers and if I have, please accept my apology.

I meant to say that I leave my Factors in Bank mode with the AuxSwitches set to (on the TF) Down, Repeat, and Tap. (MF, PF & Space follow suit with the AuxSwitches handling the Play mode switches on each pedal).

Basically, with the AuxSwitches, there are 6 switches for each pedal. Each pedal always has Preset-A, Preset-B, Bank Up, Bank Down, Repeat (etc), and Tap. Everything is always available at all times. I may be missing something, but the only distinction I see is where each switch is located (on the pedal vs. on the AuxSwitch). I use gaffer tape to label the AuxSwitches, which keeps me from getting confused.

Again, I'm really not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers, so please don't take it that way, but what am I missing here? I'm not saying that you don't have a point, only that I really just don't understand it and I would like to.