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the highest number it will ever give me on any preset is between 85-96, when it should be 100 in full toe position.

Occasionally (once a week), the same scenario will happen here.  This is what works for me:

1)  Make sure that the "trim" pot (left side of EV-5) is fully forward; towards the toe.

2)  Push the EV-5 expression pedal fully to the toe postion.

3)  Unplug the EV-5 plug from the PitchFactor Exp In jack.

4)  Wait a few seconds (don't move the expression pedal), and plug the EV-5 back into the PF jack.

You should see the PitchFactor display "snap" back to 100.  On rare occasions, I'll have to follow the steps above, then unplug the PitchFactor wallwart.  When it's plugged back in, the PitchFactor's edit buffer "reboots" to the last received expression pedal value.

I don't have enough comparative data to determine if this is caused by the PitchFactor, the EV-5, or a combination of the two.  That "trim" knob on the EV-5 is fairly sensitive, and can get 'knocked' easily.  I've found that this "reset" process remains stable through a few days (to a week) of continuous heavy use.  My PF stays powered up for long periods of time, so perhaps power fluctuations contribute to the situation.