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      My dealer unfortunately sold me the Moog EP2 Expression Pedal. As great as
      it feels it doesn't seem to work properly with the wonderful Pitchfactor – I get the full 0-100 value range but only in half a sweep from heel to half way to toe,
      if you get my drift.

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      I am trying to work out why? Is it because it is 50k ohm pedal and the Eventide Stompboxes like 25 ohm pedals? Or is it because it is the wrong polarity? Or is it something else I am missing?

      (The Moog has an "attenuator" knob, which has to be fully clockwise to get the widest sweep, which is from heel to half way, as stated).

      The pain is that compatibility information is not readily available – there is no
      Pitchfactor FAQ yet – come on chaps! – and the info about Modfactor expression
      pedals is buried in the unusually formatted Modfactor Knowledge Base FAQ.
      The bigger pain is that most of the manufacturers don't seem to publish any detail (nothing on the Moog site, nothing on Yamaha about the FC7, or
      MAudio about EXP, or on Korg about the EXP2, nothing on say, the Thomann sales
      pages, only stuff buried on a few forums, and nothing on the Eventide or Moog
      packaging – at least the 25k ohm info is on p33 of the Pitchfactor manual).

      Is there a list of compatible
      pedals that give full (e.g. 0-100) controller range across the full sweep of the pedal?

      I would love to buy a cheaper pedal than the EB VP Jnr recommended, I have heard that the Mission pedals will work, that the Line 6 EX1 won't work – and I would like to know if and why the MAudio Exp works?

      What about the DOEPFER FP 5 , Korg EXP2, Yamaha FC7, Roland EV5?

      I need to fully Flex!

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      I ran around the shops playing with pedals and found the Roland EV5 works. My guess is that the Moog EP2 is the same polarity as the Yamaha and Korg pedals, hence not working with the Eventide units.

      On my travels I was recommended the Mission pedals, which look great and some feature a polarity switch.

      Still confused about what the Ohmage really means but now I have the full sweep I dont care!

      Pitchfactor is awesome by the way!

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      How is thw Roland pedal holding up mc?  Everything I saw said it was a little flimsy

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      I went throught the exact same process! The MAudio Exp "works" but i was too flimsy for me. I felt like it was going to collapse under my feet. IF you have the Moog you could swap it out for a 25k pot? but that's only if your into DIY projects

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      How is thw Roland pedal holding up mc?  Everything I saw said it was a little flimsy

       I thought the same thing, initially.  But consider this:  I bought two EV-5's with a Roland GR-1 (1992-93) and they're still coming on strong nearly 20 years later.  The 'feel"  isn't quite perfect for my tastes, but the taper & range are more than manageable with a little practice.

       I'm using one of them with a PitchFactor, and I get reliable and repeatable results; 0-100, with a 10K linear as the primary pot.  I'm sure that Eventide has built tolerances into that listed 25K value.  Cosmetically, it doesn't appear that Roland has changed up the design for newer versions of the EV-5.  Component-wise, I don't know.


      As for that 50K auxiliary  'trim' pot, but I don't see any real use for it in this application.  You can set 'range limits' much more precisely in the pedals' software.  The base circuit works equally well without it (bottom view in the diagram).

      To be honest, I should probably replace the right-angle plug on one of them (I'm doing 'rope tricks' more often now for a pesky short), but that's to be expected over decades of heavy use.  Unconfirmed, but I hear that the M-Audio EX-P pedals are functionally equivalent the EV-5s, and may cost a little less.

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      Hello. I just purchased a Pitchfactor and a Roland EV-5. Everything works great except that when using the expression pedal and when I have the pedal in full toe position, the highest number it will ever give me on any preset is between 85-96, when it should be 100 in full toe position. Any ideas? Is this a problem with the Roland or a problem with the preset? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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      the highest number it will ever give me on any preset is between 85-96, when it should be 100 in full toe position.

      Occasionally (once a week), the same scenario will happen here.  This is what works for me:

      1)  Make sure that the "trim" pot (left side of EV-5) is fully forward; towards the toe.

      2)  Push the EV-5 expression pedal fully to the toe postion.

      3)  Unplug the EV-5 plug from the PitchFactor Exp In jack.

      4)  Wait a few seconds (don't move the expression pedal), and plug the EV-5 back into the PF jack.

      You should see the PitchFactor display "snap" back to 100.  On rare occasions, I'll have to follow the steps above, then unplug the PitchFactor wallwart.  When it's plugged back in, the PitchFactor's edit buffer "reboots" to the last received expression pedal value.

      I don't have enough comparative data to determine if this is caused by the PitchFactor, the EV-5, or a combination of the two.  That "trim" knob on the EV-5 is fairly sensitive, and can get 'knocked' easily.  I've found that this "reset" process remains stable through a few days (to a week) of continuous heavy use.  My PF stays powered up for long periods of time, so perhaps power fluctuations contribute to the situation.

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