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Billy Foppiano

So……WE have noted certain um "features" with FactorLib, and I hope Eventide will continue working on this…..

mainly the bad array of the first 10-20 patches…..

he fact that "System" saves (other saves I'm not sure about) are not reliable (from Sysex program)

Alphanumeric Errors in the dispay after restoring

And I believe we can tranfer patches between documents….BUT I will investigate um when I get a chance

By the way, FactorLib basically deals with Patches. Will there be a resource to deal with System Saves (like Aux Pedal designations) and whatnot….

Don't think I don't appreciate Eventide for the work so far, tho!!!! I look foward to messing with the "sound" ….all this other crap is "accounting"..