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Can you share what midi controller you were using for this setup?  to: badmelonfarmer.

I have the ground control and tried to get a setup that would control multiple Factor pedals, and keep common tempo, etc.  I couldn't figure out a way to get it done, but the main difference from what you described above, is that I was trying to set tempo through an aux switch to the first factor pedal, instead of using CC commands.

The ground control can send PC messages on different MIDI channels, so that's not a problem.  the problem I did have is that to get one factor to slave to another for tempo via MIDI, the MIDI out ports need to be set to XMT instead of THRU.  when i changed my output to XMT to make MIDI clock work, it then broke my PC commands from flowing through each factor pedal.  I thought my only fix was to put in a PC map into each factor pedal which is something I didn't want to have to manage.

Am I missing some setting on the Factors that will allow the PC commands to flow through while the output is set to XMT?