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I use a Timefactor with a Modfactor, plus stompboxes controlled by a Musicomlab EFX 3.

If you transmit time clock to coordinate the Eventides, they have to be set to OUTPUT > XMT which is
pointless when you're using a Musicom, and means you have re-map all your midi maps and get into
complications using cc's to bypass and so on….

To get round this, I've 'Y' split a stereo TRS cable from a Digitech FS3X 3 switch foot switch, which the Eventides pick up as default, the RH switch tapping tempo, the middle one repeating delay on the TF and slowing on the MF, and the LH switch shifting in and out of Bypass. The Y split cable coordinates all three, and you can still control each on on its own.  

The advantage of this over transmitting time clock is that you can use two different channels from the Musicom – one to each Eventide, with them set to  "OUTPUT > THRU".

My suggestion to Eventide would be to offer a midi setting menu designed for external midi controllers. Only a few people are likely to use the Eventides themselves as controllers as they're so limited. The idea is to get all your controls into the one foot press and make it easy….   

I'd urge them to do this, as the cost of four Eventides, OD's, expression pedals, power supplies and a serious midi controller exceeds the cost of the new Fractal EFX and its dedicated midi controller…  I'm sure Eventide'll end up putting the best patches from all four units into one box, which will makes things much easier and lighter.  I don't know if the Fractal's sound is as good as the Eventide (through traditional backline) – but it can't be far off….