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Yeah, I keep mine on the floor, too. I've thought about putting the Factors in a rack drawer and using a Ground Control Pro to replicate the Factors' switches. However, I haven't done so, at least not yet, because then I'd always have to have at least one rack. It's just easier for me to incorporate them into different rigs using a pedalboard. Actually, I use 2 pedalboards, one for front-of-amp stuff (comp, wah, etc) and the other for the loop (all Eventide).

No joke… LOTS of cable, but it's pretty easy to set up. Just 3 cords to the Eventide board and 3 to the FOA board, everything else stays wired. All but 1 of those cords are carrying low-impedence signal, too, so length isn't as much of a concern, but I still try to keep them as short as possible… It's still 75'-125' including the inter-connects, depending on how close I can get to my amps.