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At first, ADSR didn't make much sense to me due to the fixed time segments. But after giving it a try I must admit there's no much to do here. If a chord takes, let's say, 10s to decay and you want to go across all the ADSR segments it makes sense to me to have a fixed time for all of them at 2.5s. Otherwise, you would not be able to listen the ADSR.

Being said this, ADSR is not very useful but still usable in most cases.

But I agree on the ramp up addition. In fact, what I really miss is being able to invert the modulation signal. For instance, there's not a chance of using the Envelope to have an increassing frequency filter sweep.

Would it be possible to dial negative values with the Depth know?

And just a final note, if you let me. It's not a perfect machine but none of the hardware I have is. I thought in sending it back to he shop but I realize the tremolo, rotary, vibrato, undulator and ring mod are good enough to keep it.