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For quite some time now I've been looking for a pedal style substitute for my rack FX gear. I've been using an Intellifex ( which I really love despite its old school converters etc)  and similar stuff for a long time now, and like most people, I want to get rid of rack gear.

However, not a single manufacturer seems to offer just that – a simple, no frills multi FX in a small sized , pedal board friendly unit. You get all sorts of overdimensioned mid qualiot stuff with built in volume pedals etc like the Boss GTs, Zoom, Digitech etc, but that is NOT what a lot of people need. There was the great Yamaha UD stomp – but it lacked reverb and was a bit cumbersome, and their great magicstomp lacked a crucial element : midi.

The size of the Eventide stompboxes is ideal, but none of the 4 models offer what I need – a multi FX. I need some basic stuff like in the intellifex – a good reverb, a great chorus, some delays and possibly a trem or some gadget like a vibe, but that would be luxury. It would need midi though, and I could even eliminate the foot switches as I would midi control the unit with presets via a midi switcher.

I'd like multi algorithms as well as single FX, like if you'd need a special, long and  CPU consuming reverb, there's be a reverb only alorithm etc. Also, absolutely no need for what has become sort of a nuisance in my books – cheap sounding digital amp modeling .

I do not quite understand the eventide policy in the case of this otherwise great series of stomps, as for my taste, all the 4 units are too specialized in their own fields, and do not cater for a more general use. I've talked to a lot of people about this and with everyone going with pedalboards these days, there's a real need for a pedal board friendly, high quality, no frills multi FX unit.  Some basic and practical high quality time based FX with a good interface, a small casing and midi – it would sell like crazy I'm sure.

Any plans in that direction, Eventide?

Thanks for reading and curious about your response