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I also requested something like this a while ago and for me it would be incredible as I am always trying to have more sounds available and carry less equipment.

A while ago I suggested a "greatest hits" Eventide stompbox, something that would have the most common (ie popular?) efx from all of the Eventide stompboxes. You could include basic mod (phase, chorus, tremelo), delay, pitch shift and reverb efx and it would be extra nice if it had some multi algorithms (like chorus plus delay, shimmer, etc). Of course it wouldn't be as deep as any of the individual stomp boxes and it likely wouldn't be perfect for everyone but there is definitely a need for this. I would love to use all of the Eventide boxes but $ and floor space are always an issue and the nightmare of controlling all of them live would be a daunting task. I am currently playing a gig where I have very little stage area available so a box like this would be incredible.

The biggest problem for a multi effects box like this is going to be getting a good consensus of what effects should be in it. Since everyone uses different effects I bet people will like the idea of a multi box like this but there will always be something missing since you can't please everyone.

Eventide, are you listening?