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Ok, E-Control was dead since the H8000 arrived ! It is not a news !

Now, Is it possible to have a preset manager software to manage presets of the H8000.

The goal is to choose any presets of the library to do asign them to any inputs/outputs. A concrete example is to do large patchs of 4 presets (because the h8000 has 4 stereo aes   inputs/outputs) and send them to the H8000.

It is not the sky !! All over compagny/audio products  like axefx or tc electronic do that !!

AXE FX : http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-edit-software.php

Don't say that Vsig do that !!! Vsig is not the AxeFX software !!!!

H8000 is a good product but too complicated to use and too expensive. When you have a product that costs 5000 euros, I think it's not the moon to have a decent manager software !!!!!!