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Is it really so unclear what I want? I'm so sorry 🙂

Let me try and explain slowly. Let's say you have a PC with your favorite DAW running on it. You have a bunch of external synthesizers. You now buy a H8000FW and you want to use it as both a firewire interface and an effects unit at the same time.

So it needs to do 3 things:

1. Act as an audio interface like any other soundcard. Signals from the DAW need to be sent out to it over firewire and from there be converted to analog and output to monitors, clean without effects (apparently this needs to be firewire 1/2 as I did not find a way to tell either Ableton or the driver which outputs are for the main audio).

2. It needs to receive signals from the synthesizers for recording into the DAW. So it goes the other way, converting the signal to digital. Again clean, without effects added.

3. Act as an effect processor obviously. This should be done by send/return tracks in your DAW. Have that return track output the signal to the H8000 DSP (say into H8000 firewire 3/4 in) and back again into the DAW (from H8000 firewire 3/4 out). Ideally, there would be 2 return tracks each sending to one of the DSPs. Like this you could have two separate effects added to any track you choose.

Sorry if it wasn't clear, it just that for me this is such no brainer and I'm suprised that it isn't the vast majority of people who would want to set it up like that. I feel this setup is the only reason why you would add firewire support to the H8000 in the first place.

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