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there are a few ways around this and some people prefer to work this way…

1. you use the same MIDI Channel on all the devices, but you would have to set all the pedals to listen to specific commands…. you can do this through MIDI Maps

2. You can set the the MIDI channel to be one of the factors, this becomes the "master", you can then use a MIDI transmit map.

Although I have tinkered with this sort of setup, personally I prefer to have things on separate channels as it is easier to control, troubleshoot takes less time to setup and is generally more flexible….. usually.

The thing with MIDI is that is is very dependent on how you want to work and how your equipment works with MIDI, I have not found a single MIDI device that does not have it's own foibles, that needs some odd work around ….that usually breaks something else. LOL