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      I've got the MF and TF, and am looking at the Rolls Midibuddy as a  midi controller for these devices. All I really need to do is to switch between patches; ideally I'd like one foot press to switch the TF, MF and any other Eventide device I'd like to get (PF, Space) to the desired patch or off. Will the midibuddy do that for me? Thanks. Oh, and I'm a midi-idiot at the moment, but willing to learn.

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      I don't have first hand experience with that pedal but as long as it can send out a midi program change message then it will work. I would expect the rolls to do that it's a very basic midi function. To that end you can also use one of the factor pedals to send program change messages to the other factor pedals. Granted you don't get the simplicity of a master midi controller and a few other cool features but it will work. Have you check out the tutorial videos link here on the forum. There are some examples of how to make that work.
      Good luck.

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      Again, I don't have first hand experience of the rolls controller…. But reading the manual it just sends PC commands (Program Change) and not CC (continuous controller) commands.

      So you would be able to do preset changes but you would not be able to do anything like TapTempo, bypass of effects etc…. So I don't think it would grow not being a flexible controller for controlling multiple devices. …. But maybe you do not want the extra features that MIDI CCs would add.

      For example it does not send a bypass command so if you wanted an effect on the TimeFactor and Not on the ModFactor… You would have to create a preset on the ModFactor that let nothing through but the dry signal.

      You will also still have to use something else for TapTempo… Like one of the Factor Pedals or an external TapTempo switch.

      Hope that helps

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      I notice too that midibuddy can be set for only one midi channel, so I would not be able to address the different pedals on their own unique channel. Not knowing much about midi to begin with, how will this limit me versus a controller that could talk to each pedal on its own channel? Thanks for your help.

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      there are a few ways around this and some people prefer to work this way…

      1. you use the same MIDI Channel on all the devices, but you would have to set all the pedals to listen to specific commands…. you can do this through MIDI Maps

      2. You can set the the MIDI channel to be one of the factors, this becomes the "master", you can then use a MIDI transmit map.

      Although I have tinkered with this sort of setup, personally I prefer to have things on separate channels as it is easier to control, troubleshoot takes less time to setup and is generally more flexible….. usually.

      The thing with MIDI is that is is very dependent on how you want to work and how your equipment works with MIDI, I have not found a single MIDI device that does not have it's own foibles, that needs some odd work around ….that usually breaks something else. LOL

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      So maybe I ought to hold out for a fully functionaly midi controller. What are you serious MIDI folks using? Seems like there's a lot of good reviews of the Liquid Foot Jr, and also a long wait. Anything else I should be looking at?

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      It all depends on what you want and need.

      For me, it was to control the Factors I had in the FX-Loop of a Rack Amp Modeller and I racked the Factors…. so please bear in mind that I was looking to control a few things other than the Factors.

      I have had these in this order….

      1. Rocktron MIDIMate – quite nice and compact, but you can not set TapTempo on the Factors (and other devices) not the easiest to program. You can have a combination of PC and Midi CC

      2. Ground Control Pro – Easiest one to program IMHO, You can have a combination of PC and Midi CC, but the MIDI CC could only send MIDI CCs on one channel (might not be much of an issue) Really liked this controller and best bang for buck IMO. There is a windows editor you can use to program it, but I never used it as the unit was sooo easy to program.

      3. Fractal MFC-101 – Dedicated to my modeller and VERY flexible…but due to the flexibility it is more complicated to program. there is currently no computer editor…Looks expensive, but comparing the functionality and others it is actually well priced.

      I am sticking with the MFC-101, it is currently controlling my Modeller, Space and Eclipse in my rack….very happy.

      The others that I have seen get a lot of love, but not used personally so can not really comment on….

      Behringer FCB1010 with the UNO chipset – very cheap and well regarded 

      Liquid Foor Jr.


      G-Lab make some interesting stuff 

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      For me, I'm looking to control the *Factors I have in the FX Loop, in other words, I'd really like to get the *Factors off the floor board, put them by the amp in the FX loop, and control them with a midi foot controller. At the moment, I don't have any midi controllable units other than the *Factors. I'll look into the MFC-101. Thanks for the insights.

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