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I think it's an interesting time to be marketing anything.

A fundamental part of it for me is that I'm not a business looking for the most profitable development platform.  I'm a lone developer creating apps primarily for myself.  I'm not interested in what everybody else has unless it's inspiring to me.

It's fairly obvious to me that if I was aiming for a commercial app that was to be profitable, the iPad is the way to go.  I felt that way about Windows development before – if you wanted to sell a lot of product, you had to develop a Windows app.  I'm an old Unix guy, so at that time, I went with the Mac, partly because of the open source unix underpinnings, and partly because of the underdog nature of the platform and the exploration of possibilities that was part of the culture at the time.  It wasn't just boring corporate development.  Apple in general, and the iPad specifically, is not the underdog any more.  I guess I'm still looking for that spark, the creative difference, the "think different" thing that Apple used to have.

I guess that's somewhat how I feel about Eventide.  I mean, they created the most amazing effects unit ever, but it hasn't fundamentally changed for what, ten years?  That shows how great it was to start with, and it makes me wonder where it could be if they kept developing it.  The Factor Pedals are awesome, but how about a newer, more powerful, easier to use, top of the line unit?