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Thank you Badmelonfarmer!

Yes,Dan is an amazing guy!

I had talk to him about this,and he had respond to me with great results!but since i am from Greece,there is a long distance and you know…shipping cost,tax,afraid of losing the box during the shipping,…

That's why i want to find a product for that!

if you know anything…?

Before closing,i want to mention again that Dan is both very helpfull guy and pleasant to talk to him about what you want!I highly recomend him to all of you Americans!And as our conversation ended up here, I would mention how lucky you are you Americans!You have everything at your feet!Music,Musicians,amazing gear(we are at Eventide's forum,aren't we?),everything!

If i do not find a product like this,i may contact to Dan.I will risk it!