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I have got the arrow buttons working as well as all the other front panel buttons. The only buttons I have not tried are the ones called USER1 and USER2. Also since I have the H7600 I can test the MACHINE A/B button but I put it on there for others.  

The arrow buttons just navigate around the screen, is there some way to set up modulation I am missing?

I really really want to be able to set up modulation with the remote. I am hoping someone from Eventide will reveal a secret sysex string soon…

attached is my current editor. more tabs will contain faders and XY pads for sending to the 8 external controllers as well as the two trigs. I will also try out the Racks bank and put in some buttons to send the appropriate CC's to change the presets.

Once it is presentable and easy to use I will put it all online somewhere. If anyone wants to beta test let me know. You will need TouchOSC on a iPad, a modern Mac (maybe PC) and a MIDI interface for it to work. No need for a MAX license. But if you did have MAX you could improve on my patch and add extras like modulation step sequencers etc.