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Lol, yeah man that's me from over at TGP…. Good to see ya over here.

Yes I do keep mine synced, I use my Eclipse as the clock source and then sync devices to it.

I set Tap tempo using MIDI cc on the eclipse via a MIDI foot controller and then the rest is midi clock and I have not noticed this problem personally, sorry. If I have time tonight I will try and check, but my rig is in bits at the moment awaiting an arrival.

But in answer to your question, yes you can assign a CC on Space to accept TapTempo … And on the other Factors too. In the MIDI menu under RCV CC s

Find tempo and set it to the value you want… You need to set the source to transmit like a momentary switch ie 127 for ON and 0 for OFF. The factors only see the ON cc of greater that 67(?) as a tempo beat so anything under 67(?) will be ignored…. Probably not an issue in your rig if you can control the values, but on a midi controller I tried (midi mate) it does not work… You always end up with half time .. 50% time… Due to the switches being latching… One press for on and one press for off…. So I changed controllers to something far more flexible.