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I was able to associate the tap tempo with a cc. What's odd is that if I raise the bpm, the space will ALWAY be behind. If I lower the bpm, the space will be on beat about 80% of the time.

It still sounds slightly off even when it's synced. I put it in modechodelay mode and used strictly the delay. The repeats were a slight bit off, which creates a whole set of phasing problems when running into other pedals that have perfectly synced effects. Try running a delay at 119 into a delay at 120, into a slicer at 120. It sounds off.

The eventide stuff seems to sync well to each other, but I can't get the timeline and space to play nice together. Perhaps the reason yours works is that the eclipse has a solid midi sync in and the space reads that perfectly fine. I'm not about to buy another eventide pedal just to get the sync though 🙂

I think this is on eventide's end.