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MC403/Eventide Power Cable

Its easy if you know how to solder. You are just "butt splicing" two cables together.

Use shrink tubing or at least electrical tape to protect and insulate the connections.

Take  a power cable with black ends, and one with red ends , and cut them both in two.

Then solder the "red end cable" to the "black end cable". 

At this point you can trim the length of the cable too, before soldering.

You can throw away the other 2x pieces, or make a second cable.

But here is the important part:

make sure the connections don't match, because you want a reverse polarity cable.

The MC403 is Pin (-) but the Eventide is pin(+).

You can tell by looking at the cable. There are white dashes on the insulation of one of the cable conductors, which indicates the sleeve (outer) connection.

Just make sure they don't match when you solder the ends together.

Then connect the black end to the power supply and the red end to the eventide.

Use ONLY the Adjustable outputs for powering an Eventide pedal: 

Switch "Out" / Trimpot all the way clockwise.

I hope this helps…

Bob Bradshaw/CAE